About Us

At VACC, we understand that it is difficult for general practitioners to maintain up-to-date knowledge in the oncology field as it is constantly changing. By partnering with VACC, we can take that burden away and work with you to offer your clients our specialist services.   This can ensure patients diagnosed with cancer have the opportunity to receive the most up-to-date options, compassionate care and specialist treatment available.

What can VACC offer the pet owner?

Up to date, compassionate care and specialist advice regarding the management and/or treatment of cancer in a pet.

What can VACC offer the veterinarian?


By partnering with VACC, your clients have the opportunity for their pets to be treated by a registered veterinary specialist. We understand the long term relationship many clients have with you and your veterinary clinic; we aim to complement your existing service by keeping you abreast of your patients’ treatments with us. By using VACC you can be assured that your clients are getting up to date oncology information, and the most appropriate management and/or treatment for their pet’s cancer. VACC handles the administration of all chemotherapy agents.  We adhere to the WorkSafe cytotoxic regulations.