At VACC, we understand that it is difficult for general practitioners to maintain up-to-date knowledge in the oncology field as it is constantly changing.

By partnering with VACC, we can take that burden away and work with you to offer your clients’ specialised care. This can ensure patients diagnosed with cancer have the opportunity to receive the most up-to-date options, compassionate care and specialist treatment available.

Cancer is a common and sometimes serious disease.  Often people have had or will have personal experience with cancer.  This may involve cancer in themselves, a family member or a close friend.  Bearing this in mind, cancer in pets should be approached in an educated, positive, and compassionate manner.  The word “cancer” is emotive and often has a negative connotation.

However, not all cancers are fatal and more owners are becoming more proactive in seeking cancer care for their pets.  With increased media attention, pet owners are becoming more knowledgeable regarding cancer and when they hear about advances in human medicine, they expect the same treatment options for their pets.  As oncology is an ever changing field, it is important to maintain a good relationship with your local veterinary oncologist to ensure pet owners receive accurate information.

What can VACC offer for the veterinarian?
  • By referring a client to VACC, you can take comfort that your clients will receive the most up to date oncology information from a registered veterinary specialist. Pets will have available to them the most appropriate management and/or treatment of their cancer.
  • We understand the long term relationship many clients have with you and your veterinary clinic; we aim to complement your existing service by keeping you abreast of your patients’ cancer treatments with us.
  • VACC can handle the administration of all chemotherapy agents, and adheres to the WorkSafe cytotoxic regulations.