FAQs for Veterinarians

Q. How do I make an appointment with VACC?

A.  Appointments can made via phone or email.  You may need to leave a message if we are administering treatments or seeing clients, and are unable to answer the phone.  VACC checks messages multiple times a day.

Q.  What does VACC need from your clinic?

A. All we require is a referral from your clinic, with any medical history relevant to your patient’s cancer diagnosis.  We are happy to accept referrals through our online referral form, via fax or by phone.

Q.  What procedures is VACC able to perform?

A.  VACC can perform most diagnostic tests, including ultrasonography, biopsy procedures, bone marrow aspirates and organising advanced imaging if needed.  Although VACC is a specialist veterinary oncology service, we are also trained in radiation and surgical oncology, and can give advice and recommendations regarding these modalities.

Q.  Can vaccinations continue to be administered whilst a pet is treated with chemotherapy?

A. Recent research indicates it is safe to vaccinate pets while they are receiving chemotherapy. Although response to the vaccine may not be optimal, it appears that most pets respond normally and there is no increase in risk of adverse effects from the vaccine. However, we recommend waiting two months after chemotherapy to resume a vaccination schedule unless the pet is going into a high risk environment such as a cattery or kennels.

Flea and worming treatments can continue to be administered throughout treatment.